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Aleksandra Popovic’s paintings are meticulous craftsmanship done slowly and methodically, but the finished work exhibits the explosive energy and personal gesture of the impulsive action painting. The paintings reveal an ecstasy in nature but have the fierceness of the most impassioned contemporary abstraction.

The mountain paintings are magisterial landscape.
The power of compositions lies in the tension between the brutal reality of the rock underlying the whole canvas and the swirling abstraction of the surface effects.

The fundamental strategy of “The Water” is the same: an underlying hard structure of sand, pebbles and rock is partially hidden beneath moving water, sky reflects and foam that create competing structures of their own.

The emotional force in these pieces relies in Popovic’s fascination with perception and endless possibilities she finds in colours filtered through other colours. There can be as much drama in a form struggling to assert itself past another form as in any battle of the gods.

Aleksandra Popovic was born in Yugoslavia.
She attended The University of Architecture and The University of Fine Arts in Belgrade.
Solo exhibited in Paris, New York, Milan, Vienna and Montenegro.
Currently lives and works in Vienna.